DABA (Darken Age Battle Arena)

is a free, isometric shooter


Fast and spectacular clash

DABA is primarily an action game. However, the appropriate tactics can change tide of battle.

Simple mechanics that gives huge opportunities

Learning the basics in DABA takes only a few seconds, but mastering the game is a different story.

Many modes of game

Play various modes like Auracite Mine, Team Deatmatch and Deatmatch.







Powerful weapons and armor

In DABA you can find nine powerful weapons. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and requires a completely different strategy.

Various arenas

In DABA each arena is unique - it has its own history and secrets.

The ranking system

Thanks to a sophisticated league system - you’ll always meet the enemies and companions with skills similar to yours.

Big emotions

DABA is strongly focused on eSports. Numerous tournaments and epic prizes are waiting for you!


Possibility to differentiate yourself

Get new pieces of armor and other items that will allow you to stand out in DABA arenas.

Rich universe

DABA is set in a fantasy world with a very rich history. You will play as one of the artifact prospector and fight with enemies for treasures left by a mysterious race of Ancients.

And it's all free!

Playing DABA is completely free! You can ger everything in the game just by playing and winning battles.